Kaiserreich (Mod) for Hearts of Iron IV (Latest Version)


Are you searching for Kaiserreich Mod for Hearts of Iron IV? If Yes! Then Congratulations! You are at the right place. Today I’m going to give you Kaiserreich mod file. You can download it from the download button.

Additional Mod Information

Mod NameKaiserreich
Latest Versionv16.07.23
Size416.8 MB
File FormateZip
Security TestSafe
Download SpeedSuper Fast

Features of Kaiserreich Mod

  • An Immersive Alternative History Scenario.
  • A new political system including party popularity and ministers.
  • An updated map with new states and provinces.
  • Ten different ideologies.
  • Tens of thousands of new events offer a wide range of other possibilities.
  • Hundreds of decisions both generic and nation-specific.
  • Over 100 focus trees including dynamic trees that change during the game.
  • Colored portraits for every country leader and military leader.
  • Hundreds of companies and ministers from all countries.
  • Custom UI gives more options and more information.
  • Thousands of handmade GFX for ideas, focuses, and more.
  • Dozens of 3D models.

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Future of Kaiserreich

  • Even more events, decisions, and other content.
  • Focus trees for every starting nation.
  • Reworked and improved older trees.


Q. Is Kaiserreich Mod free to download?

Yes, Kaiserreich Mod for Hearts of Iron IV is absolutely free to download.

Q. Is Kaiserreich Mod safe to download?

Yes, Kaiserreich Mod is very safe and secure to download.


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