Redscript: Cyberpunk 2077 (Latest Version)


Redscript is a script compiler that can be integrated with the game and used to add/replace game scripts. Redscript is one of the most famous mods in Cyberpunk 2077. We have uploaded the Redscript Mod file on our website.

Additional Mod Information

✍︎ Mod NameRedscript
Latest Version0.5.16
📄Size932 KB
© PublisherModszip
📁 File FormateZip
☠️Virus scanSafe to Use
⚡️Download SpeedSuper Fast

How to install Redscript?

  • Install either RED4ext or cybercmd.
  • You’ll need to download the file and extract it in the main ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ directory.
  • You should end up with the following files in the game directory:

– Cyberpunk 2077\engine\tools\scc.exe

– Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\base\scripts.ini

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How to uninstall Redscript?

If you want to uninstall redscript you can just remove the files you downloaded (scc.exe and scripts.ini) and replace the existing ‘final.redscripts’ with the backed-up ‘final.redscripts.bk’ file.


Q. Is Redscript free to download?

Yes, Redscript is absolutely free to download.

Q. Is Redscript Mod safe to download?

Yes, Redscript Mod is very safe and secure to download.


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