Undelayed Menus: Starfield Mod (Download Latest Version)

Undelayed Menus

Undelayed Menus mod’s purpose is to significantly enhance the user experience by enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of in-game menus. Today I’m going to provide you Undelayed Menus mod file. You can easily download this mod from the below download button.

Additional Mod Information

✍︎ Mod NameUndelayed Menus
Latest Version1.0.5
📄Size2.6 MB
© PublisherModszip
📁 File Formate7-Zip
☠️Virus scanSafe to Use
⚡️Download SpeedSuper Fast

How to install Undelayed Menus?

  • Copy the “Data\Interface” folder into “Starfield\Data” (You should have “Starfield\Data\Interface”).
  • Open “Documents\My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini” (create it if it doesn’t exist).
  • Add these lines if they are not present:


Key Features of Undelayed Menus

  • Removal of Fading Effects.
  • 60 FPS Menu Refresh.
  • Enhanced ‘Press to Exit’ Buttons.

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How to Uninstall Undelayed Menus?

Remove the mod’s SWF files from your “Data\Interface” folder. Thats it.


Q. Is Undelayed Menus Mod free to download?

Yes, Undelayed Menus for Starfield is absolutely free to download.

Q. Is Undelayed Menus Mod safe to download?

Yes, Undelayed Menus is very safe and secure to download.


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